Established in 2009, Omega Media Holdings is a digital marketing company specialising in the finance and gaming sectors. Using a blend of industry best practice and the our own proven techniques gives us the edge we need to be leaders within our field. Take a look below to discover the DNA of our business and what we value as a company.

Our Mission

Our mission when we created Omega nearly a decade ago was the same as it is today: to deliver the best online marketing and media services within the finance and gaming sectors. We're constantly improving and innovating to reach this goal in the most effective way, Staying profitable whilst delivering value for money.

Our Values

We believe that our core values are integral in shaping our internal culture and the services we provide. We believe in

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

Our Strategy

Having a clear yet simple strategy is key in defining our approach as a business and our objectives. We believe being a leader in our sector depends on entering an established market, gaining a technological advantage, executing based on our knowledge and continually adapting to change.

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Wedsite Design and Development

Our design and development teams can produce beautifully designed modern and responsive websites. Using industry best practice and our own finely tuned techniques we can build in highly effective sales funnels generating top quartile results.

Content Production

Omega Media has a strong pedigree in content production from writers that are published on the biggest sites out there, to award-winning graphic designers. This knowledgeable and driven team strive to produce some of the best content in the world.

Digital Data Analysis

Doing business based on fact is at Omega's core. A considerable proportion of what we do is data-driven, and with years of experience, we are highly skilled at interpreting analytics. This ability gives us a advantage within a competative market place.

Marketing and Sales

If you strip back the technology and IP, ultimately we are a sales and marketing company. Being aware of this is key to our continually improving performance and our drive to keep sales rising and keep profit growth on a positive vector.

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